How to keep your child care center open during COVID-19

Watch how your Child Care center can stay open during the pandemic with

The Only Virtual Learning Solution

Designed specifically for Early Childhood Education

Watch 1Core Learn@Home in action and see how it can increase your enrollment 
and keep your center open during and after the pandemic!

When you use 1Core Learn@Home, you don't only keep your child care center running during a pandemic but you keep children engaged and learning, keep staff employed, and give parents the peace of mind they seek.
So whether you currently have a child care management system or not, 1Core Learn@Home can solve all your needs for virtual and hybrid learning during and after the pandemic.  

What is 1Core Learn@Home?

...and how exactly does it help me collect tuition and run my entire program online?
1Core Learn@Home is a virtual learning platform created for child care providers like you to increase enrollment even when children can't physically go to your center.
Here's what YOU can do with 1Core Learn@Home:

  • Take your unique program ONLINE and offer it beyond your physical location
  • ​Allow your staff to connect from anywhere and teach
  • ​Set up multiple virtual class subscriptions and collect program tuition instantly online upon registration
  • Invite parents to register online with the program best suited for their children
  • ​Easily organize all virtual class schedules with your teachers and automatically set up their virtual class meeting invitations
  • ​Conduct all virtual class sessions from inside your own center’s platform
  • Record virtual classes automatically and see which children joined and for how long they participated in each class session
  • ...And all of this happens inside just ONE platform!
Not having a virtual education option puts you at a disadvantage
Enter your details here and watch the magic unfold!

What makes virtual learning with 1Core Learn@Home so amazing?


FOCUSES on child care centers and preschools 
just like yours
1Core Solution has been specializing in child care center software for more than 15 years. Now, it has applied the industry expertise to the virtual education of the child care and early education industry.
Designed to keep your center running and profitable even during a pandemic
Whether you want to keep your existing enrollment and/or increase enrollment when parents are still hesitant to send children to school, with Learn@Home you now have the option to accomodate all scenarios.
More flexibility and simplicity for children, parents, and educators
Learn@Home is built with simplicity and peace of mind at the forefront. The platform is easy to use for centers, teachers, and families. Better yet, centers can implement, run and get paid within hours of setting it up.

Popular Features


  • ​Subscriptions can be set up based on amount of online sessions per week parents can purchase for their children
  • ​Set up as many programs or subscriptions as you'd like.
  • ​Highlight a "Popular Subscription" that fits your center's ideal customer


  • Families select class schedules as part of the online registration process.
  • After they select classes, they proceed to confirm and issue payment for the week.
  • ​A web portal account is immediately created for families. They will login to their account every time their child has class.


  • Set up all classes for your center and automatically organize your instructors' schedules
  • Make classes available to one or multiple age groups
  • ​Group classes by category of learning or learning outcomes


  • Manage your entire programs, including scheduling, from just ONE platform!
  • Everything gets set up on your admin login and staff and families automatically see changes and new classes applicable to them.
  • ​Class recordings are stored inside your platform for easy reference of participation and what was covered. 

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About 1Core Solution
At 1Core Solution, we are fully committed to helping child care centers continue to operate and thrive during and after the pandemic. We strongly believe that the child care services industry is the backbone of our economy and we want to do everything we can to keep it growing strong. 

We strive to provide peace of mind to our clients through everything we do, from how we build our child care management software to how we treat our customers.  We aim high to provide you with the tools and resources necessary so you can spend time focusing on what matters most: offering the best care and education for the children and ensuring your center continues to grow and serve. 

1Core Solution has been perfecting its platform for more than 15 years and continues to innovate to help child care centers adapt to the "New Normal" we are all experiencing. 1Core Learn@Home is just one more tool we've launched for you to thrive with peace of mind during these times.  Learn more about all our other tools and how they can help you take your child care center to the next level!
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